Welcome to my new website.
I haven’t been online for a couple of months because I didn’t want to update my old site and I was busy with so many other things.
When I decided to take a sabbatical in 2014 and after I finally realized it in 2015 (decision and execution are two very different things) I started to concretize a lot of ideas that didn’t get space the last years.
I will try to give a short overview on this site. So if you are interested, just scroll down and read some of the articles.
There are 2 basic intentions behind this site. On the one hand it is the usability on no matter which device. On the other hand it should be more like a blog (than a site) on which visitors are updated very fast, can click on links, see the latest videos and posts and so on.
Thanx very much to Filip Vandeputte to make this happen. There are still so many people in Belgium who are well-disposed to me – unbelievable.