New Website

I would like to have a new website. Although Bert Hornikx from 103 made a nice job with my old one, it’s just not up-to-date anymore.
It’s still made in Flash, you can’t scroll on it, you can’t add links and some other little things.

I asked Kris Van Beeck  (a famous photographer in Belgium) if he knows somebody. And he recommended Filip Vandeputte. And as usual in Belgium, a couple of months later, I found out that I didn’t only met Kris some years ago in connection with a jazz-concert but also Filip who was part of the orga-team of the very same concert.
That’s the great thing in this country: the jazz community is just so warm-hearted and everybody helps everybody, no matter what his profession is. I get the same feelings when I’m playing in Stuttgart and it’s neighborhood.

PPG original UnderConctruction