Dark Fader

Dark Fader, established in 2009, is a duo formed by Roald Baudoux and Peer Baierlein
that focuses on a sensitive approach to live electronic music. They create a sound
that is extremely distinct and has very notable characteristics. From crisp granular
impacts to fluid textures, from urban soundscapes to abstract sequences, from
fleeting moments to developed structures, everything is smoothly balanced in order
to create a perfect musical entity. With roots in acousmatic music, jazz, free
improvisation and sound art, the two establish their own genre. Dark Fader doesn’t
want to deliver automated compositions but rather aims to play with attention,
creating an organic connection between gestures and processed recordings. The design
and interplay between controllers, interactive software and its programming become a
part of the compositional process. The introduction of multiple modulation layers
turns the listeners into partners in an unrepeatable creative process.