me² + 1 is a contemporary music project.
I recorded soundscapes with the prepared piano and tried to keep a certain color for each canvas, which resulted in 7 different tracks.
Then I invited 4 extraordinary musicians:

Nora Krahl (cello)
Gregor Dierck (violin)
Christian Gerber (bandoneon)
Rosemary Hardy (vocals)

Each of them improvised over these 7 footprints.
So I came out of this recording session with another 21 tracks.
Then the real work began. I combined different instruments and started to create
compositions out of the layers.

Carmelo Cicero immediately agreed to design the booklet. His artworks fit perfectly
with the music.

Latin letters didn’t fit aesthetically for the titles.
On the quest for something else, I found the ancient Persian language. Dear Mr. P.
Oktor Skjaervo of the Harvard University translated the words for me.

People who understand the music will understand the titles.

Finally, Matthias Schwarz-Tkotz, whom I met in 2014 and have adored ever since, was
responsible for the mastering.

The CD ‘me² + 1’ is the first production on the new ‘Peer’s Playground’ Label.
You can purchase it in my online-shop.


Some Extracts: